Community and Conservation

Volunteer Opportunities in association with Tupo Africa Safaris Co.

Tupo Africa Safaris is proud to announce our new partnership with INVESTOURS! Investours Visit
Go on a tour, change lives! Helping people help themselves!
Investours is a start-up non-profit pioneering a new concept in tourism: microfinance tours. “Investourists” visit and invest in the business ideas of entrepreneurs in poor communities in the developing world. All of the tour fees go towards funding an interest free loan to the entrepreneurs that you select.

Visit the Mwenge Woodcarvers’ Market, one of Dar es Salaam’s must-see cultural hubs and support its wood carvers. Their carvings are a physical symbol of a rich cultural history, but limited resources force many carvers into poverty. Our tours help them develop their businesses.

Microfinance is a powerful tool in the field of poverty alleviation around the world. By giving tiny loans to poor but hardworking individuals and families who cannot get traditional bank financing, microfinance helps people help themselves. Now you can too.
When planning your safari with us, please let us know if you want to visit this important tour when passing through Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Volunteer Opportunities

Beth, general manager of Tupo Africa Safaris Co. has a passion for volunteer/missionary work to help the villagers of Tanzania. She is continually on the lookout for volunteer organizations to donate her time and effort to. For anyone interested, Beth would love to help you give back to the people of Tanzania on your trip here. Usually it can be arranged for a day or two before, after or during your safari adventure. Even a few hours can make a world of difference.


No extra time to personally volunteer?! No problem!! The people of Tanzania are always in need of items not found or of poor quality here in Tanzania. If interested, please contact Tupo Africa Safaris Co and we can send you a list of items you could pack in your luggage and carry over.  There is no added cost as it’s in your checked luggage.  Such items always needed: clothing for orphans, shoes for orphans and villagers; sanitary items for orphans; school supplies for local schools; money for local projects and anti-malarial mosquito nets; etc. This concept is described well at (a website Beth has used in the past).