About Tupo Africa Safaris

Deo and Beth Kessy

Deo Kessy, Owner

Deo Kessy, owner of Tupo Africa Safaris Co, has a decade of experience as a safari guide. He was born and raised in Tanzania and has extensively explored all of the national parks since he was a child. Deo is from the Chagga tribe, was born at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and has made numerous trips to the summit of this beautiful mountain.

Beth (Hamilton) Kessy, General Manager

Beth (Hamilton) Kessy, general manager of Tupo Africa Safaris Co., is from Montana in the US. She has traveled extensively and has explored most of Tanzania/Kenya in her numerous trips to Africa. Beth is in the medical field and has donated her time and efforts to numerous medical and nonmedical missionary projects here in Tanzania.

Deo and Beth are married and are excited to run Tupo Africa Safaris Co. as a team. We are also excited to pass on to our children our love of the African wildlife, conservation of the national parks, and showing those that travel here our beautiful country.

Tupo Africa Safari Guides

Professional Guides

Tupo Africa Safaris Co. employs the best guides in the business. Our guides are experienced, informative, professional, safe, fun, and enthusiastic. All of our guides speak English very well.